How to ingest multiple log files to New Relic One

Hi All,

I’ve configured the file.yml to start sending application logs to New Relic One,
however i found that only one of the logs are coming.

I have multiple .Net application logs hosted on the same server and is wanting to send all of the logs with the aim of alerting on exceptions etc

below is a sample of my file.

  • name: App1-Logs
    file: ‘D:\Logs\App1\App1.log’
    application: App1
    customer: Demo

  • name: App2-Logs
    file: ‘D:\Logs\App2\App2.log’
    application: App2
    customer: Demo

it appears that only app1 logs are coming through
is there something that i’m doing wrong?

Many Thanks

ok i think i have worked it out. turns out my file.yaml has an incorrect format hence none of the other logs are being ingested.

works best if you use Notepad++ to validate your yaml config file