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How to install Newrelic APM agent on Kubernetes?


How to install Newrelic APM agent on Kubernetes?
We have only 2 license of Newreilc apm agent . We have a application in kubernetes environment which is so dynamic. Is the license per pod or kunernetes cluster.

Kindly clarify.



To install APM on a Kubernetes cluster you will need to follow the standard install instructions for the language agent you will be using. I recommend checking out our docs on installing the agent here:

Additionally, how the licenses work depend on if you are using host based pricing or CU based pricing. But generally speaking New Relic does not charge by containers (such as Docker or Cloud Foundry), JVMs, or application instances; it charges by the hosts running those containers or application instances.

More info on our pricing can be found in our docs here:

I hope that’s helpful! :slight_smile: