How to Invite Others to the Explorers Hub

Invite Friends and Colleagues to the Explorers Hub

This community is such a great resource because through all the members here, you don’t have to tackle any New Relic quandary alone.

I know we don’t have to convince you of the value this community provides—we see you hang out here all the time! How much easier would your life be if you had more colleagues learning as much as you learn about New Relic in the Explorers Hub?

Our goal this month is to encourage your digital teams to take advantage of all New Relic’s resources, including this one. :blush: So phone a friend! and check out these tips below.

What is the best way to invite a colleague to this community?

Every post has a instant sharing option!

When you click the little link icon, your options expand to be able to tweet, post on Facebook and share the link!

How easy is it to create an account on the Explorers Hub (

So easy!

Here are the steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Login with your NR account by clicking the turquoise button (uses SSO)

If your friend/colleague does not yet have a New Relic account, there is a link in the login portal to create one right then and there.

Another proven practice includes sharing links in your work slack channels, including topics in blog post you write, tweeting out solutions in the Explorers Hub on your twitter account, and linking back to this community in Stack Overflow, GitHub and Reddit threads!

Have other tips on how to get your team involved? Please let us know below!

“None of us is as smart as all of us!” :blush:


I invited my coworker to join the community so we will both have access to the many resources available here. -Thanks!


invited a coworker who has since joined the community. thanks.


Awesome! What’s the username of your colleagues @andpow and @ariel.allon?

My coworker’s username is @noah.leapai

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Hey! I got my colleague @patrickhannigan to sign up!


Whoo! :tada: :tada: :tada:

:wave: @patrickhannigan and @noah.leapai! Welcome!

My colleague @tomcant has signed up :thumbsup:


My colleague @bullx has joined :slight_smile:


My collegue @aubrey just signed up aswell! Awesome!


Yay yay yay! Welcome to the jungle, @tomcant @bullx and @aubrey!

We can’t wait to get to know you better! Feel free to introduce yourself here. :wave:

Just invited @Alexandre_Pinsard !


I -suckered- invited my coworker, @kevin.stalzer, to sign up. He uses NR anyhow so it makes sense for him to be here.


Thanks @erwandf and @ted_sh! Glad to have more friends in the Community!

Make sure all you New Relic buddies enter to win our current contest:

We are giving away FutureStack tickets to you and a colleague!

Since the contributors on this thread are already sharing that other person they work with who is also using New Relic at work, I thought I would bring this contest up here.

Both of you could win to go to NY and participate in the biggest New Relic conference of the year!

Time is running out—hope to see your video entries soon!

Just invited @murilobr, one of our awesome full stack devs!

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Just invited @vitor, one of our awesome web devs!

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Just invited @brunosetsuna, unfortunately my coworker!

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Just invited @perdona, great code friend!

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Niiiiice snowball, all! :arrow_up:

Welcome! Happy to have you! Feel free to introduce yourself formally here!

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