How to limit the amount of servers that send data to APM

We are using the APM agent for PHP in AWS Linux 2 servers.
We have 2 Application Names one for production and one for development.
The APM agent is installed in all instances when we need to scale up.
At the moment we have 10 instances and all of them are sending Info to New Relic.
As the performance hit is significant we want to limit the agents so that only 1 Server is sending information to NewRelic. (we want 1 server sending info for each app name (dev and prod) to send info to new relic).
Is there any way to setup newrelic so that when the agent on a server starts, if checks if there is already one running and depending on that it sends data or it does not send data.

How much when you measure?

In a normal day before deploying New Relic we were scaling to 6 servers. After installing new Relic we scale to 10 servers during a normal day.

Are you running in the infra agent? Can you show the resource usage of the agent on these servers?