How to list which services are calling my service

As a NR n00b, I can’t seem to find out which services are calling my service? These are instrumented internal APIs, and what I’m looking for is something like:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM where appName = ‘foo-service’ facet callingAppName LIMIT 100

Of course there’s nothing named ‘callingAppName’, but that’s the facet I’m looking for. Which services are calling ‘foo-service’? That’s it.

Sorry for the stupid question.

Hi, @doug.ross: Not a stupid question at all. If you have distributed tracing enabled and you know the URLs of your application’s endpoints, you can do this:

SELECT count(*) 
FROM Span 
WHERE `span.kind` = 'client' 
  AND `http.url` LIKE '' 
FACET appName

I don’t know how to do it without distributed tracing.

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