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How to make browser wait till the urllib post request is complete


We have a application that allows user to login by entering a PIN, This is the first step in the application, this PIN is generated dynamically by a web-service, if a PIN is used once it can’t be re-used again. My requirement is to get the PIN every time by calling the web-service and use it in the synthetics script and check the login. How can I achieve this in scripted browser. Basically I have to send a post request to the API collect the response returned by it and enter that value in the scripted browser

I am able to get the PIN by calling webservice using urllib, but before the request is complete browser is sending keys to the PIN element. How can I sequence urllib request with the browser request


Have you registered a callback function for your urllib call?

  function (err, data, res) {
    if (!err) {
      // get result of API
      // proceed with browser code...