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How to monitor only ONE web site on IIS


I installed New Relic and do iisreset.
By default it monitors all the web sites on IIS.
I want to track only one of them.
How do I do? I couldn’t find any page to configure this in my dashboard.
Helps appreciated, thanks.


Hey lsldat,

Thanks for writing in!

During the installation of New Relic there is an option to instrument all applications. You’ll have to uninstall and reinstall the agent without instrumenting all applications.

Please review our documentation here:

And here:

I’ll check back to see where you’re at!


Hey @isidat,

Wanted to get back to you with some more relevant information with instrumenting a single application. Be sure to specify the app pool that you’d like New Relic to monitor by altering your newrelic.config file with the following:

  <defaultBehavior instrument="false"/>
  <applicationPool name="Foo" instrument="true"/>

If you have more than one application in that app pool, you’ll need to exclude New Relic from any other applications’ web.config with the following:

<add key="NewRelic.AgentEnabled" value="false" />

This should hopefully cover it!


Great answer, thanks netheroth!


You helped me so much. Thank you