How to monitor the number of visitors per page

What I would like to do:

I want to be able to raise an alert (on slack) if the number of visitors on page X in the last 3 hours was below threshold Y.

Optimally, I also want to be able to see how many visitors we had on a specific page in the last hours and days.

The issue:

I have no idea how to do that.

I am aware of this fonctionnality who shows performances for each page. However, I was not able to find “the same things” that would show the number of visitors instead of the page performance.

My questions:

Does a page showing the “number of visitors per page” even exist? Is what I want to do (raising an alert if the number of visitors drops too much) even possible? Are they work-around I can use to achieve similar results?

Hi, @nolwenn.forey: In New Relic, number of page views is called throughput. You may see the number of views per minute on the Page views menu of New Relic Browser:

The number of visitors is more challenging, because by default, New Relic does not have any way to uniquely identify users; it does not capture IP addresses, user IDs, email addresses, etc. It does, however, generate a random ID for each user session. You may use the following NRQL query to get the number of sessions for a particular page:

SELECT uniqueCount(session) 
FROM PageView 
WHERE appName = 'Your Application' 
AND pageUrl = 'http://your/url'

You may create an NRQL alert condition to notify you if the result of that query is above or below some threshold.