How to monitor the oracle database running?

Hi all;

I have the infra and oracle plugin installed in our database hosts and monitor the database. However, I find that I am not able to monitor the database running, i.e., send an alert if the database (not the host) is down.

I thought about using the process monitoring and if there is no “oracle*” process running, it means it is dead but is there any more elegant way to monitor the oracle database?



@Keith.Cheng the OracleDB on-host integration is designed to give you insights into your database’s behavior but is not necessarily designed to alert you if the database is down. It’s still possible, however, to be alerted when none of the samples that the integration normally sends are being received. This may not technically be the equivalent of your DB being down since a network problem could cause the alert condition to trigger. However, you can try to set up a NRQL alert condition that is triggered when the number of OracleDatabaseSamples goes below a specific threshold in a certain period of time: