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How to process summary metric data and display charts



We are publishing summary type metrics for http.server.request
As part of summary type we are having 4 attributes-

  1. Count - > request count
  2. Max -> Response Time
  3. Min -> Response Time
  4. Sum. -> Response Time

Now if i need to create charts for -

  1. Average Request Count
  2. Average Response Time (Latency)
  3. Max Response Time (Latency)
  4. Max Request Count

Please let me know how i can do that using math functions.


Sorry i need Total Request Count also.


@nitin.Bohra Thank you for being so thorough with your request. I’m going to ping @stefan_garnham and @philweber to see if either of them have suggestions for you. :slight_smile:


Hi, @nitin.bohra: Are you saying that you are creating a custom event called Summary, and it has attributes named count, sum, min, and max? If so, that may be a problem, because count, sum, min, and max are the names of NRQL functions.


Adding on to the point Phil mentioned on reserved names, I think you may have an issue in how you are sending the data, based on your screenshot it appears as though you are shipping the http.server.requests attribute as a JSON object


You will not be able to write sub-queries in NRQL to pull out data from the JSON object here. You may need to flatten that data into separate attributes on your side before shipping those to New Relic.