How to query for a Transaction Segment through NRQL in Insights

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I want to find the average duration for a Transaction Segment that occurs across transactions. Here is a sample from the APM Transaction page

SELECT average(duration) FROM Transaction WHERE appName = ‘SSM Core US South’ AND name = ‘WebTransaction/RequestAttribute/CustomerServiceImpl.getCustomerList.getAssociatedCustomersByUserId’ AND segment = ‘’ SINCE thursday UNTIL wednesday

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Hi, @rajanr: By default, New Relic APM does not record individual segment durations in NRDB, so they may not be queried with NRQL.

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Is there a way to enable an APM to record individual segment durations in NRDB?

I don’t believe that is yet possible @sean.redmond - I’ll add a +1 internally for you though :slight_smile:

We would also like the ability to query for segments in NRDB.

Hello all, just received an update from product around this. It looks like the new features connected to distributed tracing and span events will basically meet this need. Here is a doc that goes into further detail:

At last review this feature was not accepted to be added to the roadmap. This request has been closed.

Hi, I would like this added too. Being able to trend the segments we have in the TransactionTrace event would help with our SLO’s and troubleshooting, trending the times.

Hi @thejun! Hopefully this will be reviewed again at a later date and we might have better news!