How to remove a Heroku log drain token?

After successfully registering a Heroku log drain token (following Newrelic documentation), how can we remove/delete (unregister) it from the Newrelic account later?


@tomasmuller Welcome to the community :slight_smile: There are certain actions when it comes to Heroku that our support account team assist with via a ticket. Please confirm you are currently needing assistance with this removal/deletion?

@JoiConverse Thank you! Yes, I would like to remove a registered Heroku log drain token from the NewRelic account.

@tomasmuller Thanks for confirming. I have opened up a ticket for our support team to work with you on this.

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Hello @JoiConverse I’m under the same situation i need to remove a Heroku drain token, how can i do it?

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@tomasmuller I believe you should be able to remove it using the Heroku instructions here

I urgently need to remove a few Heroku log drain tokens from New Relic (not in Heroku, like @kspikowski recommended above), who can I contact about doing this?

Just a heads up that Salesforce is currently contacting Heroku customers in regards to this security incident and letting them know they should rotate all drain tokens, so it would be great to see a rapid response here.


@JoiConverse we also need to remove a Heroku log drain token from New Relic. Can you open a ticket for us to do this ASAP?

This is also in regards to the Heroku security incident

We also need to have our Heroku log drain token removed from New Relic. Same apply as above.

Just like de people from the recent responses I would like to remove a Heroku log drain token from New Relic because of the Heroku security incident.

@JoiConverse going to mention you here to see if we can some movement here. What do you need from us to have these log drain tokens removed? Thanks!

I too need to remove 2 log drain tokens from New Relic. FYI, this is being driven by Heroku Status

@jared3 @scott29 @miikka.niemela @hidde-jan @luke43,

Thank you all for posting and I apologize for the delayed response. I have gone ahead and created cases with our engineers to follow up with each of you to help resolve this. They will be reaching out shortly via email so please keep an eye out for that. In the meantime I advise removing your API keys which are clearly marked with the Name “Heroku Logging API Key” and Notes “Automatically created by Logging setup”. The will look like the example below. Once you add a regenerated token back into New Relic you will see a new API key to match it.

The syntax to show drain tokens for a Heroku app on the Heroku side would be:
heroku drains --json -a [app name]

Please reach out again if there is anything else we can assist with or if you have further questions regarding this matter. I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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