How to remove cachd labels?

We have some labels created in old applications and now although there is no application any more those test labels are showing up and we don’t want them ,
do you klanow how we can remove cached labels?

Hi there @mrafiee -

Removing the application is one part of the process, but the labels are stored separately, and must be removed separately. Owners and admins only can perform the process outlined here in our docs.

Please let me know if this does not solve your problem!


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Now, i have no permission to delete label and want to delete label as m simple user not admin. How can i remove that label. It was by mistake placed.

Hi, @rmobile-newrelic-use: You must be an Administrator or have the APM Manager add-on role in order to create or delete labels. You should contact your account Administrator to delete the label, or grant you the necessary permission to do so.

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