How to remove kubernetes cluster from the Kubernetes Cluster Explorer

I have configured a cluster in Kubernetes Cluster Explorer and I could able to view all the metrics. I am not sure how can we delete the cluster which is configured. I have deleted the manifest resources using the below command,
kubectl delete -f <newrelic-manifest.yaml>

The metrics are not pulling from the cluster but i could still see the cluster in the explorer. Please guide me how can we remove a cluster in explorer.

Prakash S


I too need help in deleting the cluster from the explorer.


Hi there,

The cluster explorer should stop showing data within 1 minute after data stops reporting. Following the instructions here, should uninstall the k8s integration from the cluster:

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I have completely destroyed my Kubernetes cluster without uninstalling the New Relic client.

How can I remove the cluster from the explorer?

@soltesz.andras Curious if you tried the steps in the doc @peraut listed above?

I have the same issue. I didn’t remove the manifest file but I deleted all pods and replicasets from nr but the cluster is still listed in the newrelic dashboard.

Hi @mwimpelb, welcome to the Explorers Hub. Before we move forward, can you just confirm if you followed the steps mentioned above by my colleagues?

I too facing similar issue, Yes Followed the Uninstall steps, Yet on explorer Cluster is visible. Although Data reporting is not, but need to unlist the cluster from explorer

After data reporting stops, it takes 24-48 hrs for the cluster to disappear on the explorer dashboard.

@yashaswinib Looks like you were working in another topic on this issue. Thanks :slight_smile: