How to remove this script?

I am getting following script in my header

and also there is another script in footer

How to remove this from my site ?


Hi @nishantha - Are you referring to the New Relic script for browser monitoring? If so, is the script injected automatically from the APM agent or is it manually added?

I didn’t added it manually. I think it has been automatically added to my site and I have no idea how it has been injected.

However, I need to remove it now ? How can I remove it please ?

If it was injected by the APM agent you can turn it off in the application settings. If it is not from there then you will need assistance from the support team.

How can I turn it off please ?

Hey @nishantha, we may be able to track down where this script is coming from, to do that I’d like to first see the site this script is being loaded in. Could you share a public facing URL to this site that I can access?
Thanks in advance!