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How to select certain hours every day in NR Insights?


Is possible, for example to select a response time only from 5am to 6am every day in the query

SELECT percentile(duration * 1000, 95) AS ‘Response time’ FROM Transaction WHERE (name = ‘WebTransaction/login (POST)’) From 5am to 6am TIMESERIES SINCE 1 day ago COMPARE WITH 1 week ago EXTRAPOLATE


Hi, @Di.Feng: Try WHERE hourOf(timestamp) = '05:00'.


Hi, any use of hourof, monthof, etc results in a NaN error. As simple as “SELECT monthOf(timestamp) FROM SyntheticCheck” does not work. “SELECT timestamp FROM SyntheticCheck” works just fine. Using these date functions in a where clause same results. Any ideas?



Hi, @beheer: Generally, the hourOf(), monthOf(), etc. functions are used to facet a value by time or day, for example:

SELECT average(duration) 
FROM SyntheticCheck 
FACET hourOf(timestamp) 
SINCE 1 week ago

Can you provide some more information about what you are trying to accomplish?



What I am trying to do is filter results by time of day. I have results from all day, and want to filter out the results from busy hours. So someting like Select someting from Syntheticcheck where hourOf(timestamp) In (10,11,12).


Unfortunately, I think my reply above is incorrect: I don’t think you can use the result of a function in a WHERE clause.


Could I use it in a filter somehow?


Ah, correction: You can use hourOf(timestamp) in a WHERE clause, but the hour is a string. Try this:

SELECT average(duration) 
FROM SyntheticCheck 
WHERE hourOf(timestamp) IN ('10:00', '11:00', '12:00') 
SINCE 1 day ago