How to send Custom Log to new relic

New Relic have any configuration to provide Custom Log location and CustomLog Pattern

where I can write custom logs in windows new relic agent

can you send me the steps to send custom logs to the new relic?

Hi @vishnu.prasad, in regards to creating custom logs, I would suggest reading this documentation on annotating logs for logs in context using APM agent APIs as this seems to bee a good staring point.

I already install New Relic Infrastructure Agent(Windows 10) on my PC. It is possible to send custom logs from New Relic Infrastructure Agent.

Hi again @vishnu.prasad, if you’re looking to send custom logs from the New Relic Infrastructure Agent, then you may need to edit the configuration file. You can read about this here


In this path ‪C:\Program Files\New Relic\newrelic-infra\newrelic-infra.yml

can you tell how to set custom logs in yml