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How to show error events



I am trying to create an error dashboard for my set of apps. I want to show all the errors happened in last 1 week. I am trying to get the errors from the events.
Can you please give me some clue on the NRQL query to be used to get the errors and its details from the events?

ANy help on this will be greatly appreciated


The error information available in Insights depends on which language agents you’re using. Please see our documentation on Default APM Attributes for details.

That being said, I’d recommend the following query for your use case.

SELECT * FROM Transaction WHERE errorMessage IS NOT NULL OR errorType IS NOT NULL SINCE 1 week ago LIMIT 1000

This will show you the 1000 most recent events in the last week that had error information recorded.


I was able to get the error from the transaction, but that doesnt give me the error details. I want the error details… How can I get that?


We are using .net agents


@amal_thomas - It sounds like you are looking for an error or exception’s stack trace? Right now only the status code and exception class is sent to Insights. You’ll need to examine the exception’s error trace in New Relic APM to see the stack trace. However, if that’s what you are looking for I can make a feature request to support that level of detail in Insights.


Yes I was looking for the error stack trace from the insight so that I can give more details to my Team. How much time it will take for this new feature implementation? Also can I have a workaround for the time being?


Hi @amal_thomas . You might be interested in signing up for our new APM Errors Beta. This will give you a lot more details into your error traces and lets you filter your errors based on collected attributes. These will also become query-able within Insights as well. Check it out and let us know what you think! :smile:

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Hey everyone - there have been some product updates since this thread was created, so I wanted to post some newer information.

Firstly - Error Analytics is available to group your errors in ways meaningful for you:

Secondly - as you’ll see in the second docs page linked there; Error Analytics is using Event based data, meaning that this error information is queryable in Insights or New Relic One with NRQL.

This data lives in the TransactionError attribtue - Go ahead and run the below query to see all the information you can get from this event in Insights:

SELECT * FROM TransactionError SINCE 1 week ago