How to sum up total transaction count

This is the query I have thus far:

SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction WHERE appName LIKE 'fhir-api FACET request.uri SINCE 1 day ago

I know if I did not use the Facet, I would add all of them up, however, in this scenario I want the sum of all of the FACET’d endpoints.

Hi, @Gwiggins: I don’t think this is possible in a single query. You can have one dashboard widget with the FACET by URI, and second widget showing the total count (no FACET).

What do you want this chart to look like? Just the total count or counts by facet and a total or?

I think I’m not seeing why you want to count the facets if you can just drop the facets and get the count.

Also, you want to include a limit number when doing facets or your numbers can be very wrong.