How to Switch Between Dark & Light Themes

Variety is the spice of life!

We are excited to offer two sleek looks in our community. The default is a light theme which features a white background with black text.

There is also a dark theme with bright elements and easy-to-see colors including white text if you prefer. If you would like to try the different themes, feel free to switch it up!

Simply click the hamburger menu by your avatar picture in the top right corner of the UI.

Clear down at the bottom of the hamburger menu dropdown you can choose the dark theme or the light theme depending on which you like.

*Note: You must be logged in to make this change.


That was useful. Didn’t like the dark theme personally.

What happened to the menu links at the top? How can I get to the new and unread posts quickly? :wink:

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Takes some getting used to for sure, @stefan_garnham!

The menu links that were at the top (like NRU and Docs) are under the Services & Support tab in the header.

I don’t think we moved the new and unread posts on the main page—wanna give a screenshot of where you are expecting to see them?

They are back now so I don’t have a screenshot :smile:

Actually, they are still missing on the individual thread pages as you can see from here

Main landing page has them still.

New and latest count only ever showed on the landing page—individual threads never had those numbers available, @stefan_garnham.

…99% sure :wink:

Forum Dark theme is terrible, To change click on your profile picture at the top right, then click the little cog icon. On the left side of the settings page click on “interface” and the option to change back to the light theme is there… Eye sight restored…

Hey @marc.newton! I moved your comment into this thread since the topic you originally contributed to is about our APM UI, not the community’s UI. And the topic you flagged for me was closed up since, again, it was about a product UI feature that no longer is relevant, nothing to do with this community.

Thanks for sharing your input—exactly the reason why we kept the light theme around as an option.

I like the dark theme, but I think some of the icons could use a bit more color (when selected/active).

e.g the icons at the end of a post:

the like one is fine when active, but the bookmark icon is barely noticeable:

Also the order of actions is a bit weird.
I can like, share link, flag for attention and bookmark.
like, bookmark, share link (in that order) makes sense, flag for attention seems out of place in that set (and could be placed somewhere else).

Great work regardless! I really love the forum!

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Great feedback, @constantin! It’s always valuable to hear the perspective from fresh eyes.

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This is great, I have switched to dark theme on all my applications I just prefer it.