How to trace which external service call is slow

Currently, we are using this query SELECT max(newrelic.timeslice.value) from Metric WHERE appName =‘Magento - USA’ AND metricTimesliceName =‘External/allWeb’ to create alert when there is any slow external call.

However, after we receive the alert, we are unable to trace the exact call which is slow.

I try to explore APM & services > External services but there is no information.

Clicking on the first one, there is no data

I also notice when using query builder, there is no Span data.
Is there anything we can do to pinpoint the exact slow calls?

Hi @quangdp

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Can you share the permalink to the alert in question as it will help us narrow down the cause if the issue.'APM'%2C%20'EXT')%20AND%20type%20IN%20('APPLICATION'%2C%20'SERVICE'))&state=918b6589-6271-ddb4-a3a8-3d629fee11ab

Some external calls here takes nearly 2s but when clicking on it, it doesn’t show any data.