How to troubleshoot InternalEngineError for CPM

Per this, Containerized Private Minion (CPM) Troubleshooting Framework Internal Error Codes - Proven Practices / Best Practices & Troubleshooting Guides - New Relic Explorers Hub, it lists the error codes. How to I validate which error code is responsible for the Internal Engine Error that I am facing ?

Hi @Sumeet_Kumar2,

Currently, the only way to find which Internal Engine Error is happening is to enable debug logs on the minion.

If you’re using Kubernetes, you can use this to set your minionLogLevel to DEBUG.

# use helm install for a new cpm, helm upgrade for existing
helm upgrade YOUR_CPM_NAME YOUR_REPO_NAME/synthetics-minion -n YOUR_NAMESPACE --set synthetics.privateLocationKey=YOUR_PRIVATE_LOCATION_KEY --set synthetics.minionLogLevel=DEBUG

# save logs to file
kubectl logs YOUR_POD -n YOUR_NAMESPACE > k8s-minion-debug.log

Afterwards, remove the --set synthetics.minionLogLevel=DEBUG and restart the minion.

If you’re using Docker, you can set MINION_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG.

First restart the minion with debug logging enabled:

docker run -e MINION_PRIVATE_LOCATION_KEY=YOUR_PRIVATE_LOCATION_KEY -e MINION_LOG_LEVEL=DEBUG -v /tmp:/tmp:rw -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:rw

Then run any problematic monitor scripts a few times to generate some useful log lines.

Let me know if this help!

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