How to use Gigamon-New Relic integration to get network context in cloud

This QuickStart gives an overview of how Gigamon is integrated with New Relic Observability. This integration lets you see what type of attributes you can collect from your network and send them to the New Relic Event API to organize and set dashboards that provide you with a holistic view of your cloud environment.

The integration requires Gigamon Cloud Suite installed in your environment to capture all the traffic and extract metadata to post it to New Relic for analysis. Gigamon Cloud Suite is a simple to install solution that involves setting up Gigamon Fabric Manager to orchestrate all the configuration, Gigamon V Series to process traffic, and an agent to capture all the traffic.

Once Gigamon is working, it’s as simple as picking up the applications you want to further dissect, choosing their attributes, and exporting them to the New Relic dashboard.

Once you have a working solution, there are a large number of attributes that can be utilized to build dashboards that are most relevant to your requirements. Here are some sample queries to build a simple dashboard showing Top Talkers, DNS Queries, SSL Ciphers being used, and SSL Version being used in the environment.

FROM Gigamon SELECT count(*) FACET version where event_type =‘ssl’

FROM Gigamon SELECT count(*) FACET cipher

FROM Gigamon SELECT count(*) FACET hostname,src_ip where event_type =‘dhcp’

FROM Gigamon SELECT count(*) FACET application

Of course, there could be additional dashboards that can be made based on yourrequirements and available attributes.

It would be best to contact to get the solution going if there is no Gigamon Cloud Suite in your environment.