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How to view data for a specific action/step in a scripted browser scenario



Synthetics Question Template

can we get the metrics in synthetics for all the requests specific to “$browser.findElement($“signin-button”)).click();” ?

This would help us compare the metrics for this action across various regions as part of the scripted browser flow


Hi @VithalKumar.Akunuri1 - It is possible to record this timing, once you have calculated the duration yourself, by adding a custom attribute to the Synthetic.

Otherwise this sounds like a feature request


Hey @VithalKumar.Akunuri1 - Were you able to get any better detail from custom attributes as Stefan suggested?
Let us know if not, and if not, can you clarify the kind of information you are hoping for?



I haven’t tried the suggestion from Stefan. My requirement is to view the data/performance stats of a particular step after the execution of the script.

Script location :[start]=1573553776.455&tw[end]=1573555576.455

The results page doesn’t have any mapping of the request as to which action or browser click.

Refer to[start]=1572953755.529&tw[end]=1573558555.529

I would like to view the results specific to “$browser.findElement($“signin-button”)).click();”

Can you please let me know on how to achieve this? Thanks in advance.


I would suggest following Stefan’s guidance on the custom attributes suggestion, there is no way to track specific actions by default. You can see essentially all of the information we have in the monitor results page. Adding additional attributes would be a good way to add extra detail to specific actions.


Another way to do this could be implement PageAction recordings


That would definitely work too :smiley:


I used the Katalon recorder ( Katalon script recorder: Provides option to export to Synthetics ) and able to get the required details.
Thanks for your inputs.


Awesome! Thanks for following up with what worked for you :smiley: