How to view ping response headers

Apologies if this has been answered somewhere previously… my searching has not found this exact question.

In my synthetic ping results, I see the following in the HAR details

    "response": {
      "cookies": [],
      "headers": [],
      "headersSize": 703,

It seems the response headers are obtained, but not shown in the HAR results, so I’m wondering how to view all of those response headers within a ping synthetic. I’m hoping I don’t need to migrate our ping monitors to api tests :slight_smile:


Hey @mdeuser - Response Headers & Body are not recorded with Ping monitors.

You can use any more advanced monitor type which will allow you to return the Response body/headers.

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Hi Ryan. Thanks for the definitive answer! Looks like I’ll be moving the API Test monitors.

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@mdeuser No worries - let me know if there are any additional questions I can help with.