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How to whitelist Synthetics to get around Captcha



We’ve whitelisted the following IPs so we can bypass Captcha for one of our tests:
“Washington, DC, USA” : [ “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “” ], Our test is setup to use the Washington DC datacenter.

(We pulled the list from:

However when we’re setting up the test, when we preview in the “Script your steps” we see the Captcha widget. Do we need to whitelist an additional set of IPs? ie. even though we selected the Washington DC datacenter, maybe the “Script your steps” is actually originating from a different datacenter?



Hi @justin34, this looks like the full list of IP’s for the Washington location so that should not be an issue. When validating the script during that step it will actually run from one of the locations you have checked in the previous settings menu, so if you have only selected Washington DC the validation test will run from there. Would you mind sharing a permalink to the monitor so I can take a closer look? :slight_smile:


Sure thing:[end]=1568112502&tw[start]=1568101702


@justin34 thanks, this looks like a link to an APM application rather than a Synthetics monitor, could you share the link to the monitor you are having issues with? :slight_smile:


Oops -[start]=1568228197.257&tw[end]=1568229997.257



Thanks for sharing that monitor link and letting us confirm that just the Washington, DC. The IPs you shared earlier from are indeed the only IPs you’ll need to whitelist.

Although I wont be able to assist with configuring the whitelisting you are attempting here, I found another post where someone was attempting a similar strategy with a PHP based web application, which it appears the one you are monitoring may also be:

It seems they ran into some trouble initially but were able to figure it out, it might be worth reaching out to that thread to see what solution they came to.