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HPA MaxReplicas not available?



I was trying to create a alert if the scaling ever reached the HPA’s maximum replicas value, but it doesn’t seem like NewRelic is pulling that information from the metrics daemon? It’s documented at


Hey @ggreer that’s a great alerting idea. I’m curious if you curl <ksm-url>/metrics do you see any of the listed hpa metrics?


@avialpando can you verify that if the kube-state-metrics version is correct, that the newrelic infra agent does pull the ReplicataSet max info? I’m having difficulties getting this exact information as well


Hey @garrett.marone - The data New Relic pulls from KSM can be found here:


Yes, I have access to all that information, but specifically I was hoping to be able to get MaxReplicas, which is made available in kube-state-metrics as kube_hpa_spec_max_replicas, and that doesn’t seem to be availabe in newrelic. Can you verify this? or let us know when that particular metric is slated to be made available?


It looks like we don’t currently collect that metric. I’ll get a feature idea submitted for you internally though.