Http error response empty


I am using NewRelic android agent 6.0.0 on a native android project. This is how the initialization looks like:


AGP: 4.1.0
Retrofit: 2.9.0

The Http error are logged and can be found on the Network->Http errors section, but the response is not recorded correctly, appearing as “” - empty string, when it is something like this:

“error”: {
“with_external_account_id”: “not found”

I have also tried logging as a network failure and record handled exception, but both are logging the observable error from Retrofit, and not the http exception.

Do you have any suggestions on what should I change for the response to be sent as well?
Also, it there a way for the query params to be recorded as well for the request url? Right now, I see only the baseUrl/path.

Thank you!

@vlad10 Per your request this topic has been closed since you are working on this with our support team via ticket. Thanks!