Humble Firefox user

Any chance if getting dark mode theme for firefox

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Hi @guyta Firefox is currently not able to support dark mode due to some performance issue related to this browser. Our engineering team is looking into options and improvements to ensure there is an experience that is similar for all browsers.

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Any news around this topic?

Hi @michal.pawlik, still no update at the moment. Though, trust me when I say that as soon as there is, we will update the community as this is a very popular topic!

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I was just starting to use New Relic and the lack of dark mode when using Firefox is hurting my eyes, even on these forums :disappointed:

So do you have any idea when this will be fixed?

I use dark mode pages everywhere with Firefox, so it cannot be only fault of Firefox can it?

Hi @mclang,

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At this time there is no update, however once there is we will post an update here.