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I and my manager are seeing different graphs for the same time period


For the same app, I and my manager are seeing different graphs. The examples below are for a 6-hour plot ending at 13:30 on 11/19.

What my manager sees-

What I see-

I have compared the user settings for both of us and they match. Can someone please let me know why is this happening?


Have you tried sending your manager the permalink, bottom right hand corner of the screen, to your manager and getting them to open it? It could be that the time zones for each user are set differently or applications of similar name in different accounts along with several other reasons.


Yes, we had checked the user preferences and the timezones and they matched. We had also shared each other’s permalinks. With my permalink, she was able to see what I was seeing. However, with her permalink I was still seeing the same graph what I was seeing on my system.

Is it possible that since she was monitoring the application on the day we got the spikes, it got cached to her system and she is able to see higher details? And for me, New Relic is somehow averaging out the graphs?


Hmm, if the permalinks were showing different data then support will need to be involved.

@RyanVeitch - can we get someone from support to assist here please?


Hey @stefan_garnham thanks for tagging me in here earlier today - I spoke with some of my colleagues in the US this evening and our running assumption here is that the more granular data you are seeing @Shubhadeep.Roy is locally cached - and that if your manager opens up APM in an incognito window, or clear out the cache, they’ll see the same as what you see.


Thank you @RyanVeitch. I will ask my manager to check this in an incognito window.


Thanks! Let us know what that shows up :smiley: