I can´t view anymore the value on secure credentials

I use Secure Credential to hide the pass of a VISA website.
Now, the password of this website is old and I need to change it, but I can´t see the old password on secure credentials.
Is helpfull the icon “SHOW VALUE” when I use the secure credential. but I can´t see it anymore…

Hi @adrian.ghio - This was a deliberate change on our side - in order to better align with our security practices.

Prior to this change we had a number of customers (as well as internal teams) pushing for Secure Credentials to be made write only. The values no longer readable. This is to ensure that users who should not have access to private keys, do not have access to those private keys.

You can definitely still change the secure credential to your new password. And if you do need to make that password visible, you can add it to the description field of the secure credential, or, use the password directly in your scripts without secure credentials.


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Hey @james.mcatee - I’m happy to get your feedback on this change passed on to the right team - could you elaborate on your use case for visible secure credentials?

Personally I see this as a positive change - Secure Credentials aren’t Secure if users can view the credentials – Though I can understand others having different feelings on this, so in order to get the best information and feedback to the team, a detailed use case will be helpful.


Atleast it should be based on user level, You have hidden that option for everyone now we can not see it anywhere also we cannot remember the password or other values what we have stored over there.

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@techjini - I’ll pass that on to our development team - for now I have no way to reveal the secure credentials in your account. But I’ll get your feedback on this change sent across.

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What is the update on this? Users still need to be able to read the value to confirm it is correct or to use it to change passwords. How can you change a password on sites that require the current password if you cannot read the current password and everyone has forgotten the value?

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While not a solution by any means, this is a workaround I’ve used to resolve a similar issue in the past.

  1. Create a new Scripted Browser Monitor.
  2. Navigate to any page that has a user input field (e.g., https://duckduckgo.com/).
  3. Input your secure credential into the text field; no need to be press Enter or submit.
  4. Exit the monitor immediately thereafter.
  5. Your final screenshot should now display your secure credential.

Once again, this isn’t ideal, but a viable interim workaround.

Oh that is devious thinking. I like it :smiling_imp:

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oooh, “devious thinking” peeked my interest… Thank you for sharing your workaround @rishav.dhar!

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