I can't set SSO in the new relic one

In the new relic one product , i can’t set SSO in the account setting, the tab SSO has link https://rpm.newrelic.com/accounts/2708647/integrations?page=sso, but redirect to https://one.eu.newrelic.com/launcher/nr1-core.explorer?pane=eyJ0ZXNzZW4iOnsiZmVhdHVyZSI6InNhbWxfc2luZ2xlX3NpZ25fb24iLCJwcm9kdWN0IjoiQVBNIn0sIm5lcmRsZXRJZCI6InVwZ3JhZGUudXBncmFkZSIsImVudGl0eUlkIjpudWxsfQ==

@alizbeo That is quite the mystery! I’ve looped in our account team to help you with this redirect.

thank you, hope hear you soon

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Looks like this is in the process of being resolved. Thanks! :slight_smile: