I created new account with my already used email and now I can't log-in with another account


I’ve already used one new relic account as a company member.

For my personal usage, I created my new account with the same email and I can’t log-in anymore.

I already verified my account from below, but I can’t find my another account yet.

Multiple accounts found. Verify your email to view all your accounts.

Is there anything I can do to retrieve my company account?

@choi.kijin I have reached out to out Support team and they will follow up shortly by email to help you with this issue.

Hi, I’m aslo facing same issue, Please help

Hi @anirban.chakraborti, I have done the same for you and our support team will reach out to you soon to assist.

Hi, I’m also facing same issue, Please help

Hi @akiss, no problem at all! I have done the same for you and out account team will email you shortly.


I’m having this issue as well.

Hi @log ,

Thank you for reaching out to the Explorer’s Hub! I have submitted a ticket to our Support team to assist you with this. Please be on the lookout for an email from them directly :slightly_smiling_face: