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I have a Heroku account and don't have admin access in my New Relic account



Hello, I have the same problem. Installed the add-on through Heroku, but don’t have admin privileges.


We can help with that! In order to discuss some of the private info we may need to resolve this, I will be making a private case for you. Please hang tight and check your email shortly, @oduaht!




Seems this is the place to post if you have this problem, which I do. Please can someone kindly help me out as per above?

Thanks in advance!


Yup - you got it @ed.james - Watch out for a support ticket coming your way :slight_smile:


I need to jump on the bandwagon here.

I have setup an account via heroku and I need access to the iOS app and also admin privileges.

Can I get some help :slight_smile:


Hey @mick - you should already be able to get into the iOS App. Though, with a Heroku account you do not have a NR password, you’ll need to authenticate by email, details on that here:

I’ll get a support ticket opened for you to gain the admin privileges you need. :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue.
“# You can’t access this account while logged in through Heroku Add-Ons .”
If you could reach out to me I’d really appreciate it.


Hey @cwright1! Welcome to the community! I will definitely get you in touch with our accounts and partnership experts asap. Look out for an email in your inbox! :blush:

If you need anything else, or have updates you think might help others with this issue in the future, don’t hesitate to reach back out! Thanks!


Hello, I faced the same problem.
How do I get admin rights?
permalink :


Hi @h-uchida - I’ll get a private ticket opened up for you to work through this with our account experts :slight_smile:


same as everyone else, do me too


That ticket is on it’s way to your inbox @jacob.bijani The accounts experts in our support team will be with you soon :smiley:



Same issue here:

Please help.

Robert Keresnyei


Hey @robert.keresnyei - I just opened a ticket for you. You should hear from us soon.


I’ve got the same issue with the account 2341180. Could you please make me owner or admin?
Thank you!


We’ll create a ticket for you :smiley: @adrien8


I have the same issue. I’m an admin in heroku and the app owner but only a user in the New Relic add-on. Can some one help me get admin access?


We should be able to help you too, @michael.morris01! I have created a private case for you. Please check your email and let us know when you get all sorted.


Hi there, I’m having the same issue as everyone else here.


@eric39 -
I just created a support ticket for you :slight_smile: