I have lost my old account, the system force to me to create new account how is possible?

i have lost my old account, the system force to me to create new account how is possible?

Hi @edoardo.guzzi,

Thanks for reaching out! I hope you are having a great day!

I can see there is one account associated to this user profile/email, can you confirm the account id and name that you are unable to access?

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I don’t remember, i use the same email for old account but now not exist anymore… I don’t know how this possible…

Today when I have tried to log in with old credential not work, and I have tried to “forgot password” but I have not received an email, after I have attempted to make a new registration and work… is like someone deleted my account or stolen and change email !?

I can’t remove the resource I have activated previously… is a mess-up :S

Hi @edoardo.guzzi

This is tricky to support, but dont worry we will figure it out!

What I will need to do first is locate the original account in question and from there I can have in-depth view on the account.

  1. Can you confirm when you last time you accessed the original account.

  2. Please confirm the original accounts id and name. If you are having issues locating this, I would suggest taking a look in your email inbox, try searching for New Relic.

  3. It doesn’t appear to me that you did use the same email, as it would appear for me when I check accounts associated to this user profile. So its important you confirm you are using the correct email.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

i have all marketing email on that email from 3/12/2020 i dont remember the last time i go into the account probably mounth ago.

Did you have a login system via google long ago or do I remember wrong?

probably i can found the api key associated to the site

Hi @edoardo.guzzi

Thank for send the API keys via the direct message.

I was able to locate the accounts in question that are related to the API Keys. However I can see that your email thats associated to this profile, is not associated to the accounts. This means either you are not logging in using the correct email or that you email is no longer associated to the account.

While I can not confirm any information about the email associated to the accounts, I can confirm it is a different email domain and the text before the @ symbol is totally different this email.

The best step forward is to reach out the company / organisation and request they grant you access. Alternatively I can create a case with the Accounts team, they can try reach our the the associated email on your behalf to request the access.

Please let me know which option you wish to take.

there are no other companies managing my other resources or it is always my email, or they have changed my email to theirs accidentally. (in the past im go in in the new relic account via google if i remember good)

kindly contact them also because i have no idea who it could be. i wrote possible addresses via private message.

Hi @edoardo.guzzi

Thanks fore this update here, just looping in to confirm I have replied via the direct private message.

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