I have multiple accounts in new relic - not able to see those accounts

i created free account myself - got email from different account, when i try to login not able to see other accounts.

@sthalluru welcome to the community :slight_smile: I’ve forwarded this issue to our account team so that they can help you get if ironed out. You should receive an email from them soon.

Is this something only support can figure out? Not a UI issue?
I also have multiple accounts created with the same email and was able to switch between them from a simple dropdown. That dropdown has disappeared a few months ago and I’m still unable to find a way to switch between accounts. Do I have to re-create the accounts with different emails, or are they all still available somehow?
Thanks in advance!

Nevermind - found a way to log into the other account/organization, so that there is no more “multiple accounts” conflicts and I can log into both now. Weirdly enough, I got a way to log into different accounts when trying to login from firefox, but never saw that option when trying to login from chrome.:man_shrugging:
In any case, problem semi-solved, I’ve contacted you via DM JoiConverse to help with deleting that secondary account.


Thanks for the update @avonishamburg! Joi should get back to you soon to assist.