I need a dashboard setup


I need a dashboard setup for custom event tracking. I have details but need to know how to get this setup ASAP.

Hi @abook!

If you want to get started with Dashboards, I would suggest reading through this documentation:


Let me know how that goes for you.

Hi, @abook: If you post the details of what you want your dashboard to display, the community may be able to help you.

I was told that I should have a support rep who could do it for me. I’m not technical at all. I just know we’re trying to monitor the upload status of files to a S3 bucket. Is there a support plan? How do I access a rep to implement this?

I am afraid you were misinformed; New Relic technical support does not write queries or create dashboards for customers. If you are working with a sales representative, you might ask them what consulting services are available to you. Otherwise, you are stuck with us, here in the community. :slight_smile: We are here to “teach you how to fish”.