I need to delete my New Relic account

I need to delete my account but I’m unable to do so. I had an account before with a different pricing model (I believe) and in order for my company to grant me access again, I need to delete this one.
Can someone help me with this issue?
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Hi @laura.oliveira

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

Congrats on your first post here in the community!

It looks like this user profiles email associated to an orphaned account. This refers to when an account has been deleted ( an older account ) but the users profile is still attached. I have removed his user profile which should resolve the above mentioned issue.

Should you have any additional questions please do reach out.

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Hi, @dcody

I can confirm that the problem has been fixed and I have access again.

Thanks for your help!


Thank you for reaching back out, wishing you a great day!