I want to monitor sub-processes of a parent process

I am running python scripts DBRequestService.py, DBAuditService.py, UserSessionService.py using python3.9. I want to monitor each sub-process(DBRequestService, DBAuditService, UserSessionService) created by python3.9 how can I do that?
From process sample I am only seeing python3.9 but not other sub-processes.

hi @Shiva_Pasham :wave:

I have run few simple scripts on a test ec2 ubuntu instance and can confirm that the processes are being reported to the Explorer/ Processes running in the NR.
All of them have the same name python but the PID is different for each process and matches with the results of ps -aux| grep python

I am running the latest New Relic Infrastructure Agent version: 1.19.4

How many instances of Python3.9 process are you seeing?
Are the PID’s matching with DBRequestService.py, DBAuditService.py, UserSessionService.py ?

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