Identify root causes automatically with the Zebrium integration - no manual log inspection needed

We’ve partnered with Zebrium to help you automate the process of finding the root cause of issues in logs. When a software or infrastructure problem occurs, Zebrium Root Cause as a Service will quickly and accurately find the root cause indicators so your teams don’t need to manually search through all their logs. With this integration, you can also see details of the root cause on any New Relic dashboard page alongside your telemetry data.

Instant observability into root causes
Get instant visibility into detections, log anomalies, and root cause reports. Install the Zebrium Root Cause as a Service quickstart to get a pre-built dashboard to get started for free in minutes. See how it works in the video below:

Benefits include:

  • No more digging through logs: When a problem occurs, automatically see log lines related to the issue in your New Relic dashboards. This can reduce downtime and speed up resolution from hours to minutes.
  • No manual training or rules needed: Getting started only takes a few minutes, and Zebrium’s ML model can achieve high accuracy in just 24 hours. No need to set up machine learning training rules manually.
  • Accurately find root causes with confidence: A recent third-party customer case study validated that Zebrium can automatically find the root cause in over 95% of incidents

Read the blog to learn more or check out the docs

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