Ids/ips minitoring


I am trying to implement IDS/IPS monitoring. (intrusions detection/prevention system)

I know such feature is present in elk (suricata dashboard for network events and alerts (SIEM)).
But i have not managed to find something similar for the new relic. Google just returns nothing.
So, is there something similar in order could be able to monitor suspicious trafic like suricata does?

Hey @kostyantyn, we don’t currently have a pre-curated dashboard or data adoption experience for Suricata in our Instant Observability portal, but I think that would be a fantastic addition.

Did you know that you can contribute your own quickstart to our I/O library? You can follow this Jumpstart Quickstart to get you started or jump right into the details over at our Github repo.

I’ve added a Feature Request internally too. I really like the idea of using Network telemetry as part of the security posture. Thanks for raising the request!