Ignore 404, 401 errors for New Relic Mobile

We’re using iOS New Relic Agent 5.14.0 and Android Agent 5.15.0

Our API’s will return 401 and 404 by design in various common situations like invalid user credentials. The NewRelic UI and Network Error Percentage Alert feature treat these as errors making it difficult to use the product because of false positives. Is there a way to customize the way NewRelic handles 401, 404 HTTP responses?

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@josh7, I saw you created a ticket for this question where my colleague is helping you.

In addition, you can vote to this feature request. Feature Idea: Is There a Way to Ignore Certain HTTP Errors?


Thanks. Yes I created a ticket. It sounds like there is a manual way that newrelic can whitelist certain errors for certain domains in the mobile product. The support team is going to help us get that setup. In the meantime thanks for the link to the feature request. I have voted for it. It is def. a critical feature.

For Mobile Enterprise customers, we also have network data in Insights so that you can use Insights queries to filter out the status codes that are noisy either across the board or for a particular domain. You will also have access to the full list of domains and full list of URLs. You can view these in the Insights UI on dashboards, and you can also create NRQL alerts based on these. We recommend using such targeted queries and alerts as one of our top 5 best practices for monitoring mobile apps.

Here’s a great write-up on how that works: