I'm not able to see K8s cluster

Hi community,

When I’m trying to explore the K8s cluster I’m getting the following erro message:

“We’re receiving incomplete data for this cluster.”

Yesterday was working fine. This is kind of a blocker to us because we are exploring the new relic features (we intend to use it for a production environment)

Things to consider:

  • We have reached the 100gb limit and we extended the period for another 7 days
  • To reduce the ingestion traffic we switched to low data mode for the metrics.

Any help will be appreciated,


Hi @florin.chircea

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well!

Congrats on your first post in the community!

Its hard to determine the source of the issue here. I would suggest having a look at Find and use your Kubernetes data | New Relic Documentation as it can help determine whats happening with the data.

If this shouldnt prove successful, please do reach out and provide a permalink to the error as it will help provide some more context.

This what I got when I try to acces Kubernetes cluster data

Also on forwarder container for newrelic-bundle-nrk8s-ksm pod I’m getting messages like following:
time=“2022-05-20T10:13:45Z” level=error msg=“could not queue event” component=Agent entityKey=“k8s:cluster:…” error=“could not queue event: queue is full”

Hey there @florin.chircea,

In order to stop receiving the messages regarding the queue being full we can edit the .yml file of your Infrastructure agent to hopefully resolve this. Please add this line to your newrelic-infra.yml file.

event_queue_depth: 2000

You’ll need to restart the agent after this change. If the errors persist after this, bump up the value to 3000.

Please let me know if this resolved this issue for you or not and I will be happy to keep providing assistance.