I'm trying to set up New Relic One

I’m trying to set up New Relic One with my AWS Lambda serverless. I get an error and I can’t figure out what is going on. I think I’ve been able to set up the logs shipping lambda (I get the logs into New Relic) but the lambdas don’t see to be instrumented correctly with the layer.

My serverless.yml config:

debug: true
accountId: XXXXX
apiKey: YYYYYY
enableIntegration: true
logEnabled: true
logLevel: info
cloudWatchFilter: ‘*’

My output:

Serverless: Excluding development dependencies…
Serverless: Installing dependencies for custom CloudFormation resources…
Serverless: No New Relic AWS Lambda integration found for this New Relic linked account and aws account.
Serverless: Enabling New Relic integration for linked account: New Relic Lambda Integration - XXXXX and aws account: YYYYY.
Serverless: Error while creating the New Relic AWS Lambda cloud integration: Error: data.cloudLinkAccount missing in response.
Serverless: Uploading CloudFormation file to S3…
Serverless: Uploading artifacts…

“serverless”: “1.74.1”,
“serverless-newrelic-lambda-layers”: “^0.2.5”,
node --version v12.16.0

hi @development21 are you still experiencing this error? I just dug into your account and I see that you have some functions instrumented now; if you were able to resolve it, what was the fix?