Important: Insights dashboard API End of Life

TL;DR: On July 28, 2021 the Insights dashboard API will be deprecated in favor of the New Relic One dashboards API.

Completing the Upgrade

Recently, we officially upgraded users from Insights dashboards to New Relic One dashboards. As a continuation of that upgrade, New Relic is deprecating the old Insights API and transitioning users to the New Relic One Dashboards API. This transition will allow you to take full advantage of the new and improved dashboards features available in New Relic One.

As of July 28th, the Insights dashboard API will no longer be available. In order to continue to create and manage dashboards you must migrate to the New Relic One Dashboards API.

UPDATE: The EOL process will be done in 2 steps:

*** On July 28, 2021 users will no longer be able to CREATE or UPDATE**
*** On August 28, 2021 they will not be able to GET or DELETE via the API.**

We encourage you to start exploring the capabilities of the Dashboards API in NerdGraph now!

  • You can continue to use your Insights insert/query API keys with the Dashboards API, or you can create a new user API key.
  • Every user who wants to query with the NerdGraph API will need their own user API Key.

How does it work?

You can find documentation about the new NR1 Dashboards template and how to migrate to NR1 Dashboards API from Insights API. One of the main benefits of a graphQL API is that it provides a complete and understandable description of the API’s data. By using NerdGraph GraphiQL explorer, you can discover graphQL types and fields along with a brief explanation.

Can I still use the Query and Insert Keys ?

Yes. The REST APIs for Insights queries and inserts (which are different from the Insights API) will not be affected by this change. The REST APIs will not be deprecated. For more information about which key to use with our APIs, see our documentation about API keys.

Important notice for Terraform Users

If you are using the New Relic Terraform Provider v1.x, the Insights API end-of-life will impact the Terraform Provider’s functionality, because the previous default settings were mapped to the Insights APIs. Please read this post for steps to prevent issues with your New Relic Terraform Provider.


If you have any questions, have doubts, or you want to provide feedback, you can check with your Customer Success Manager and/or with our Support engineers.

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Hi @sgaliano, is there any risk already created dashboards will stop working, and if so - when?


By July 28 you won’t be able to use those templates and endpoints for “creating:” and “updating”
By August 28 you won’t be able to use them at all.

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