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Important: Jira Integration Suspended



Jira Integration Suspended

Due to upcoming changes to the Atlassian Jira API, the New Relic/Atlassian integration which allows Jira issues to be associated to errors and transaction traces in APM will be suspended by May 19, 2019. By this date we will have disabled the “Create Jira” button which will remove the ability to create or track issues via the New Relic UI. There are no plans to update or replace the functionality at this time. We apologize for the short notification and any inconvenience this causes.

What are alternatives to using the Jira integration?

Unable to get Jira connected
Feature Idea: JIRA 8: Ticket integration marked as Incompatible

That’s unfortunate since it’s a feature we use and it provided a quick way to document performance issues. I’m curious why there are no plans to adapt to the new API. Also, the links you provided are not redirecting properly and lands me on


Hi Adam, if you’re open to it, I’d like to message you to learn more about what you find valuable about using the Jira integration. We decided not to adapt to the new API because the number of customers using the Jira integration was relatively low compared to our effort to support it.

I fixed those links, thanks for the heads-up!



We use this integration as well, and are very disappointed its not supported going forward. Would love to see this feature back and the short time frame on notification wasnt great either.



We were in the middle of preparing to set this integration up. I believe it’s one we would have liked to utilize but can’t say for sure as we haven’t had the ability to try yet.


Thanks for reaching out and sharing your needs with us, @jason92 & @jricheson! I will be sure the right people see your input.


What a bummer this has been suspended. We use it extensively.

Thanks for the alternatives.


Thanks @tbolier - appreciate your understanding.


Another vote of support for this feature, we use it and its useful to provide context and tracking of incidents to resolution. I’m surprised to hear that it is not often used, as the alternatives do create the issue, but there is a loss of context, and backlinking from the jira issue to the incident is now more work. How do most of your customers associate exceptional conditions with an incident report?


While I don’t have the details of other user’s successes with integrating to Jira in different ways, I did want to thank you for your input on this thread.


I think this feature is very important for those that use JIRA for tracking issue, please consider adapting this feature to the new API.


Thanks for sharing your input @kchow - We can get this passed along to @ralph and his team :slight_smile:


I also think this feature is important for those that use JIRA for tracking issue, please consider adapting this feature to the new API.


Thanks @cesarnog_Everis. Appreciate you sharing.


Really disappointing to see you’re moving away from this integration. Its something we’re just starting to explore and reduces the copy/screen shot from one system to another. Bee good to see this back on the roadmap if possible?


Thanks for getting in touch with New Relic! As the post mentioned, we disabled the integration due to changes with the Atlassian API. Due to the alternate methods for cross-referencing issues to Jira, we do not currently have plans to reinstate it. Our Product Manager is very interested in feedback and uses cases. Can you share why the alternatives listed don’t meet your needs or workflows? We will make sure your feedback gets back to our product folks.


Another vote to please implement the new API - this was a great feature, thanks.

PS The ‘Reply’ button for this message is hidden unless you dismiss the 'are you satisfied popup: this is confusing to new users that don’t realise the reply button is obscured by this.


Thanks for your feedback @andrew21 - We’ll make sure that gets seen by the right people.

Sorry about that popup - I’m sure that should be pinned to the bottom of the screen, not over any specific elements, so scrolling should move the page behind that popup. I’ll make sure we look into that.


is there any work arounds to this? Has anyone found some other way to call thier API’s?


Very disappointed to see this is going away - literally just today

  1. I noticed the Jira integration and said “Hey, that would be handy”

  2. We started discussing a possible move to Jira Cloud

  3. I went back and noticed the “Jira integration is going away” message.