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Important: Jira Integration Suspended



It’s certainly possible for New Relic customers to roll their own and call Atlassian APIs and create issues related to New Relic errors or slow traces. Or to use a browser extension like Zephyr Capture, or the direct-link method described in the top post. Those solutions aren’t ideal, I realize, since they don’t result in the New Relic error or trace storing the associated Jira issue so that you can track that relationship within the New Relic troubleshooting UIs. We definitely hear your feedback about that being a valuable capability.

So while we don’t have it in our immediate plans to reintroduce this capability for Jira, your feedback here is emphasizing that we could serve our customers well if we brought it back! Thank you for piling on here :slight_smile:


That sounds disappointing for sure, @jdweiner ! It’s not our intention to mislead you into thinking the integration is available right now and get your hopes up. Where did you notice it today being advertised as a handy option?


Sorry but I do not appreciate your decision to dismiss the Jira integration. I understand you don’t see value in it but the alternatives you mention are not very meaningful.
Without integration between NewRelic and Jira why I should use by hand the Jira REST API or an URL to add an issue ? I can go to Jira and just add the issue with the form.


It was a very useful tool to report bugs/errors in Jira, but I respect your decision based on data.