Important Notice: Upcoming end-of-life impacting open source project Pulumi

We discovered that certain versions of Pulumi, an open source project similar to Terraform, will be impacted by the upcoming end-of-life for older versions of New Relic Terraform Provider, New Relic Go Client SDK, and New Relic CLI. To learn more about this end-of-life, check out the companion Explorer’s Hub post.

If you see the following error message after November 1st it means you are running a version of Pulumu, Terraform, CLI, or Go Client SDK that’s impacted and you need to upgrade to the latest versions.

Error: invocation of newrelic:index/getEntity:getEntity returned an error: invoking newrelic:index/getEntity:getEntity: 1 error occurred: * interface EntityOutline was not matched against all PossibleTypes: ApmAgentInstrumentedServiceEntityOutline

To prevent any disruptions, please update Pulumi to version v4.20 or above by November 1st, 2022.

If you have questions, please reach out to your New Relic account team or get in touch with our engineers via the GitHub project for Pulumi.

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