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Important: Upcoming Changes for New Relic Servers and legacy alerting features



Hi @ranju.sayone - I can’t guarantee it because New Relic did not develop that. BUT, it looks like it is set to work with New Relic APM, which is not affected by this End of Life.


@kirani Can you please put in touch with an account rep?


Hey there @devdutta - we’ve notified an account rep that you would like to connect. You should hear from them shortly.


Are you able to confirm what will happen to servers with the existing agents installed on them keep reporting data to new relic once the products are gone?


Once the server agent reaches the end of life it will stop reporting data to New Relic as stated:

After the EOL date, New Relic Servers and the legacy alerting features will no longer be available in the New Relic user interface and data processing will stop.


To add some clarification to @stefan_garnham’s response - the Servers service (on our end) will shut down, so it will no longer receive any data from any agents. If you leave the agents installed on your servers, the agents will continue to attempt to report data to New Relic, but, obviously, will not have anywhere to go.

What happens to running Server agents after May 15th?

I understand the commercial side, but you had all our data. NR. could make money in some other way using BI or other big data analytics stuff to provide services
and products.
I do not even use Amazon or any other cloud model, only dedicated servers that would spend a lot of CUs (thats its a very bad word in Portuguese and represents where we take a kick with EOL of Server and Alerts) so to use Newrelic Infra as a good deal we should migrate for another infra model and spend a lot of money.
No thanks.
Bye Old Relic.


@hross @kirani haven’t heard from anyone yet…



I have a physical server (self hosted on OVH) with 8 Cores + 31Gb of RAM
I want to keep New Relic agent on the server to monitor cpu, etc… and alerts (synthetics) to monitor my websites.

I have 2 questions :

  • new relic infrastructure essentials will be ok for me?
  • what should be the right Number of Compute Units (server is running 24h/24) ?

And when you say (# of CPU Cores + GB of RAM) x HOURS USED.

hours used = per month? per year?



I go to my account -> subscription and I try to update to infrastructure essentials.
more details in picture below :


Hi @tortuegeniale69 -

The formula we use is this:

A CU (compute unit) = (CPU Cores + GB RAM) x hours used

It’s the same formula for self-hosted or cloud environments. There is a calculator on this page:

You can use a cloud calculator to get a rough estimate of the CUs you would need in a self-hosted environment.


Hi hross,

Thanks for your feedback.

Ok but hours used have to be calculated per month? or per year ?
Regarding a month, what do you consider :

  • 1 month = 30 days like november?
  • 1 month = 31 days like december?

So in my case, I have a server qith 8 cores and 31 Gb RAM, what will be the right cost per year for infrastructure essentials ? server is running all the days (365 days).

Why I can see 7.20$/month? see here :


Hi @tortuegeniale69 - Unfortunately, I am not a pricing specialist. If you have spoken to an Account Executive in the past, I would reach out to them for guidance. If you have not spoken with someone, here’s where you can request some help:


ok done I have sent an email to sales representative . thanks


We bought new infrastructure for some of our servers. Some are still at old servers reporting. 6 hours ago all the old servers sent “not responding” alert, but they still gather data. Did you remove the not responding alert condition on purpose? :frowning:



Following your advice, I sent an email yesterday to sales team but no news.
Could you please forward my message or tell them to contact me by email?




I’m again without any news from sales departement?

Is it possible to get a contact?




I have opened a topic here but I have no answer :

Could you please help?


Hey @tortuegeniale69! Our team is on it. Unfortunately, you will have to wait your turn, but rest assured you will be contacted soon by your account rep. :thumbsup:


Ok thank you for your feedback.