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Important: Upcoming Changes for New Relic Servers and legacy alerting features



Infrastructure, the subject of this topic, does not have prices for non-cloud …


Gotcha @tulioht - I just wanted to be sure we were talking about the same thing. There is a link on the page for Self-Hosted environments:


My database server has 96 gb of ram, by the calculations and above 12k of CU


Thanks @tulioht - If it falls outside of the standard specs, we can have you talk to your account rep. I can put them in touch with you if you aren’t sure who that is.


my rep no longer works on the new relic


@jwilcox thanks.

  1. ok for SYNTHETICS, so nothing will change.

  2. about SERVERS, so after updaten the free subscription will be unavailable and pay subscription will be mandatory? if yes, this is possible to move now I suppose ? not mandatory to wait the EOL?

because I’m using a physical server hosted by OVH, so what is the right plan for me with INFRASTRUCTURE product ?

  1. Correct - No impact on Synthetics! As @jwilcox mentioned, as long as your synthetics monitors are set up with our New Alerting system, your email notifications will be unaffected and continue to function as expected.

  2. Also, correct! With Servers being EOL’ed our suggestion is to transition to Infrastructure, which you can do as soon as today. Also, Infrastructure provides support for physical servers on either of its subscription plans (Essentials or Pro). You can find details on our Pricing page > Self-hosted Environments.



@kirani - thank you :slight_smile:

  1. How can I check If currently all my monitors are set up with new alerting system ?

  2. Ok I will read self hosted section.


@kirani and @jwilcox I assume that you mean for paying customers that email alerting for Synthetics won’t change, but for non-paying customers that all alerting will cease, as all alerting with be through New Relic Alerts?

Are there any form of alerts that will exist inside of New Relic but outside of New Relic Alerts? Technically people could use an external alerting system and pull data through the New Relic API, but that would probably be a lot of work.

I assume that some people, if not @tortuegeniale69 as well, are asking from a non-paying customer perspective.


regarding synthetics and server, yes I was, also, talking about non-paying subscriptions.


@Trevor_Dearham, @tortuegeniale69 - That’s right. If you are a Lite customer only (no paid products), all alerting functions will cease on the EOL date, including in Synthetics. Sorry if that was confusing.

If you have a paid subscription to any of our products, you will have access to New Relic Alerts across all the products that you use, regardless of your subscription level.

I hope that clears things up!


@hross - Ok I see.

So :slight_smile:

  1. about server monitor, that’s fine I have found what I need with Self-hosted Environments (pro or essentials).

  2. about website monitoring, if synthetics free subscription will be closed, how much will cost the paid subscription after update?

  3. does synthetics product can monitor availability like keepalived systems on linux environnements ?


Hi, @tortuegeniale69: To clarify, the Synthetics Lite (free) subscription is not going away; you will still be able to have up to 50 Ping monitors at no charge. It’s only legacy alerting that’s going away; you will need to have a paid subscription to at least one New Relic product in order to use new Alerts.

You could, for example, purchase Infrastructure Essentials for $0.90/month; that would give you access to New Relic Alerts, so your Synthetics monitors could continue to notify you if they fail.


There is also netdata that actively developed:


@philweber - thanks for you help.

So if I understand correctly, If I buy Infrastructure Essentials package, I can use/access SERVER features (to monitor my server : CPU, memory, disk etc…) + NEW ALERT SYSTEM for synthetics ?

You say $0.90/month, but I have seen $7.20/month on Infrastructure Essentials page.
what’s wrong?


up regarding my last post :wink:



  1. Correct! With Infrastructure you can leverage the new Alerts system (spans across all products you have a subscription for) and get access to server metrics (CPU, Mem, DIsk, etc.) available in Infrastructure.

  2. I believe what @philweber was referring to was Infrastructure Essentials costing $0.90/month for small instance sizes, and ranging up to $7.20/month for the largest instance sizes.

Hope that helps. Thanks!


@kirani - Hi and thanks for your help.

  1. ok so I will contract to Infrastructure product.

  2. by instance you mean company or a single website ?
    because regarding SYNTHETICS usage, I have around 40 websites to monitor.
    so which price will be the right one ?

And when I go here (on self hosted section) I cannot see the table with $0.90/month…


Hi, @tortuegeniale69: My $0.90/month example is for cloud-based pricing, and assumes an AWS t2.nano instance running for 100 hours/month. It was meant to show the minimum amount one could spend if they just wanted access to New Alerts (for example, to continue to receive alerts from free Synthetics monitors).

You are correct that for self-hosted servers, the minimum price (Infrastructure Essentials, paid annually) is $7.20/month. I apologize for the confusion.


@philweber : ok thanks I undertand better right now :wink:

@kirani - so I need just to subscribe to INFRASTRUCTURE ESSENTIALS to use :

SERVER for my physical server (CPU etc …) AND SYNTHETICS for my XX websites monitoring with alerts.

Am I right ?